Just Drag and Drop

Creating your workflow processes in Flowmingo is easy. Just like drawing on a whiteboard. Add tasks in our web based business process designer, and then just draw lines to connect them. Our drag and drop business process designer is optimized for ease of use, eliminating unnecessary complexity.

Simple, single branched workflows

A Business Process Designer that makes it easy to create your workflows

Flexible process branching options

Single Branch Processes

Create simple, single branch business processes that flow seamlessly from start to finish.

Delegation and task assignment
Parallel Branching Support

Parallel branches allow unrelated tasks to run in parallel with each other. These task can be worked simultaneously by mulitiple people.

Parallel Business Process Branches
Decision Based Branching

Create advanced business processes and business rules using decision points. Users are prompted with simple Yes - No questions to alter the workflow path.

Decision Based Branching

Manage your Workflow Templates

Quickly Create, Update and Initiate your Business Processes

Create and Manage Workflows

We make it easy to create new workflows, create new revisions of those workflows and even clone existing workflows from one screen.

Delegation and task assignment
Custom Data Fields

Custom workflow data fields allow users to give processes relevant names and numbers linking them to external software systems.

For example you can use patient or client names or external tracking number to easily identify workflows.

Centralized workflow information at a glance
Quickly Associate Users to a Task

Flowmingo makes it simple to assign users, groups and roles to individual tasks. The assigned users will be notified when the associated task is ready to be worked.

Quickly assign users to tasks

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