Quickly see the status of your workflows and tasks

The workflow and task listings give you an overview of how close each workflows or tasks are to completion. You can then drill down into any workflow for more details

Standard Workflow View

This view shows you all your workflows and a summary of its progress.

Easy to understand workflow views
Spreadsheet View

If you're used to managing your workflow in a spreadsheet today you will feel right at home in this view. You can also filter this view to only show your critical path items.

Spreadsheet like view
Task View

This view shows all your tasks and their current status. The view also provides flexible filtering options so you can quickly find specific tasks.

Simple user management options

Manage your Workflow Templates

Create, Manage and Use your Workflows.

Change an items status

Flowmingo allows you to change a workflow or tasks status just by clicking on the current status. You can also change assignments, leave comments, or view details.

Simple user management options
Filtering Options

Powerful filtering is at your disposal. you can filter on status, users, or workflow.

Workflow filters options

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