Quickly review and manage your users

Reassign all the user's current tasks to a different user. Take advantage of our Out Of Office feature to reassign all the users tasks and any newly created tasks to a different user. Turn the delegation option off and newly created tasks will be assigned as normal.

Simplified user management

Simplified User Management

We make it easy by keeping it simple

User Management

Groups allow you to organize your teams. These groups can then be assigned to tasks allowing you to effortlessly change task assignments with editing the workflow.

Groups of users

Task Delegation & Reassignment

Quickly handle delegating tasks when users are out of the office.

Reassign a users current tasks or future tasks with little fuss.

Delegation and task assignment

Simple Workflow Access Control

Simple and intuitive options to control which workflows, individual users and/or groups of users are able to start.

Workflow Access Control

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