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Business Process Management Made Easy

Increase your business process and workflow efficiency

Despite advances in technology most small and medium sized businesses still use paper check lists, email chains or spreadsheets to track their business processes.


Because until now Business Process Management, BPM software and Workflow solutions were overly complex and expensive! Flowmingo changes that. We offer a simple web based Business Process Management system that anybody can use.

Based on our research, a whopping 93 percent of small businesses - including those using QuickBooks as their accounting software - are planning and managing their business with a spreadsheet

Adam Neary, New York Enterprise Report

Setup your first business process in minutes!

Manage your business processes...

A fast and intuitive web interface — optimized for your productivity.


Design your Business Processes in our intuitive, drag and drop, workflow designer. Right from your browser.

No programming needed. No programming allowed!

An easy to use web based, drag and drop, business process management workflow designer
Workflow and Task status

Easily track your business processes and tasks using an easy to understand and intuitive interface.

Schedule workflows to kick off on a specified date.

Centralized workflow information at a glance
User Dashboards

Powerful dashboards help keep your user's workflows and tasks centralized. User are able to view all their tasks, workflows and recent activity all from one, intuitive screen.

Intuitive user dashboards

...entirely in the cloud.

A simple web based BPM application that is easy to use

Team Collaboration

Share comments and documents on tasks and workflows. Task comments roll up to the tasks's workflow providing a central place to find all the workflow's comments

Easily collaborate with all team members using workflows and task comments
Reporting and Metrics

Enhance your workflows performance by discovering and analyzing business process inefficiencies with easy to understand reporting.

Intuitive reporting helps you find bottle necks in your workflow processes
Audit Trails

Visibility and accountability through full audit trails. All workflow and task activity is logged

Follow all the activity on your workflow and tasks


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