Why Virtual Assistants Need Workflow Software

Quinton on Sep 26, 2018

Five Considerations

For virtual assistants, a critical part of the job is managing multiple clients as efficiently as possible. When an effective system is set up, it becomes easier to take on more clients to make the venture successful and profitable. Mismanagement can lead to failure. The key to success for virtual assistants is to find the tools and strategies that can help you to work smarter and faster to make more money and increase client satisfaction. One of the best tools you can use as a virtual assistant is workflow software. Workflow software can help you to visualise and document your processes for each client. What’s more, you can then keep track of your assignments, clients and methods in one easy to manage and intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. So, just how can workflow software help virtual assistants?

1. Don’t forget a task

When you deliver the same service but with different tweaks for clients, it can be hard to remember all their differences and the unique requirements of each client. By documenting each process for each client, you can check your work and make sure you deliver in accordance with the agreement. Using your workflow software as a review mechanism is the ideal quality check before sending work back to your client.

2. Right first time, every time

A bugbear for virtual assistants is when they complete a project, and it requires amendments. This typically takes time out of your day when you could be completing value-adding activities or winning more clients. By having an explicit workflow to follow and having your client agree on it, you can be sure to deliver right first time, without having to complete added work that you’d forgotten.

3. Manage time

Some tasks and projects can take longer than others. However, by breaking down projects into activities, you can begin to keep track of your time. With this, you can work out what tasks are the biggest time drainers and start to charge accordingly for those services. Furthermore, with the jobs that take too much time, you can begin to explore other options to help you become more efficient, whether that’s eliminating the task or finding software to help.

4. Use your client’s workflows

Another option for virtual assistants, and for businesses that use virtual assistants is to request workflows before you begin. For businesses, this means there can be no disagreement about what is meant to be delivered. For virtual assistants, you know exactly what your client expects. Furthermore, virtual assistants can add their documents to the client’s workflow, so both have easy and secure access to the files required and work completed. With workflow software, everything remains transparent and sensitive information remains safe.

5. Continually improve

As a VA, there are always ways to work smarter, faster and better to increase client satisfaction and value and earn more for your time. With workflow software, you can see where improvements can be made to your processes to help your business flourish. With workflow software, you can continue to refine processes, enabling you to offer client’s a unique and competitive service that will only keep getting better.


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