Who Can Start A Workflow?

Mark on Jun 21, 2015

Right now, anybody but that is about to change. Until now, your workflow templates were either hidden or visible. Starting today there is a third option. Making the workflow templates visible to selected users. Workflow designers are now able to designate which workflow templates users are able to start a new workflow. Workflow templates may be assigned to everybody, individual users, groups or hidden from everybody.

Why does this matter?

Usually workflow templates are hidden from users when the template has been obsoleted, the template is only used as an automated scheduled workflow or the template is meant to be embedded inside another workflow template and accessed via a "Launcher task". This works well for clients with a small number of workflows. However, as the number for workflow templates increase the user's "Start Tab" becomes overwhelming with workflows they should never need. Now, workflow designers are able to select which workflow templates are available to each user reducing the clutter of workflow templates on their "Start Tab". Clutter is reduced and the likelihood of starting a workflow in error is minimized.

Much like task assignments in Flowmingo, managing the workflow template users is simple and intuitive.

Managing Workflow and Business Process Users


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