What is workflow?

Quinton on Dec 30, 2016

Before the days of management software, shared work was passed from one person to another through interoffice mail or by passing files over a cubicle wall.  If a file went missing in the process or was slowed by employee handling, efficiency was lost.  Requirements of the job were misplaced, output was delayed, weak links had to be identified, and profits slowed. 

This shared work process between groups and individuals is a "workflow."  It is a set number of steps or tasks required to provide a product or service.  Each task in the process is assigned to either a person or a group and has a set time for completion.  A workflow is also known as "Business Process Management" or "BPM" for short. 

Work teams now have the option to use workflow software to replace paper handling and to help make these shared work processes more efficient.   One of these Workflow Software Management (WSM) systems is Flowmingo.  Flowmingo allows an easy way to identify your shared processes and to assign roles.  It tracks individual and group progress towards a shared task while ensuring information is retained and efficiency is monitored.  Teams can provide quick answers on their progress and can help to troubleshoot any delays. 

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