Task Cloning and support for hourly tasks

Tim on Dec 29, 2012

We continue to enhance and improve Flowmingo. We have received tons of great feedback from our users and we have incorporated many of those suggestions in the latest release. Some of the things you will find in this new release are detailed below:


  • Moved the ability to edit workflow details into the designer.
  • You can now setup task duration in hours for shorter tasks.
  • Cloning is now supported. Allowing easy duplication of workflows.


  • Workflows can now be scheduled to start in the future based on the due date.
  • You can start a pending workflow at any time from the workflow tab.


  • Added the ability to un-complete a task
  • Expanded room for task descriptions


  • Added business hours/days
  • Holiday support is now available


  • Daily summary reports

In upcoming posts I will drill down into some of these new features.


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