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Mark on Oct 6, 2013

Our latest release has a bunch of things that our users have been requesting. We have always been focused on delivering the functionality that make our users job easier. We have also begun working on a couple areas that we feel have traditionally been weak spots for us. The help engine is one of those areas we have beefed up the the amount of help content. Give help a try and let us know where you would like to see more help. Help is definitely a work in progress and you will continue to see it expand over the next couple of months. We have also begun working on making flowmingo more usable on a smartphone. It is not ready for prime time yet but it is getting much better so stay tuned.

business process details Task Due dates

With the latest release you can now adjust the due date for an active or a pending tasks. This is very useful in those situations where one of your tasks takes longer than expected particularly when the delay is out of your control. When you adjust the due date Flowmingo will automatically adjust the due dates for all the downstream tasks so you can get back on track and project a realistic completion date for the entire workflow.

Workflow hiding

Some of our users have a lot of workflow templates and sometimes they want to replace a process with a new process but they do not want to delete the old template. They just want to make sure that the old template cannot be launched. So we have added the ability to hide workflow templates so they do not show up as an option on the start tab.

hide business process tasks

Splash of Color

With this release we are adding a bit of color. Flowmingo will generate an Indenticon for all users who have not uploaded an avatar. As always you will still be able to upload your own avatar.

picture of identicons


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