Save Time Sell Houses With Real Estate Workflow

Quinton on Dec 11, 2018

It’s fair to say that real estate agents spend little time in the office. In between scouting neighborhoods, touring homes and sealing deals, any time at the desk means time taken away from selling. This is why it is vital to make sure the administration and due diligence are as efficient as possible. With a workflow in place for real estate agents, they minimize the time they spend on paperwork and can increase their time selling.

What’s more, with a workflow in place, you can ensure that you continue to deliver excellent service and never drop the ball with any client. This is vital when you consider that 89% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend to others. If you deliver excellent service to your client, with a clear and professional workflow, the recommendations will pour in for your services.

How Does A Workflow Actually Help Real Estate Agents?

Selling a house involves a lot of complex processes and many tasks. It is easy to become distracted by one client and neglect another. This can delay a sale but may also lead a client to go elsewhere. A workflow helps you and your team to keep track of every process and every client, so you ensure every real estate activity is ticked off the list, you’re fully compliant, and your clients are happy.

A workflow can help cover every aspect of the work;

Goals – By making every workflow goal-orientated, you can keep a focused approach to the process.

Allocation – Spread the workload and distribute tasks to the person with the specific skill set for time, convenience and making sure you have the best person on the job.

Time Management– Workflows can help you to keep to a deadline or ensure work is completed within a set time period if there is a defined service level agreement in place.

Encompassing – Every task, no matter how small can be added to a workflow to make your processes run smoothly, every single time.

Location– For real estate firms who split jobs by neighborhoods or regions, a workflow can help to ensure each area is adequately managed and everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, according to the location.

The Benefits Of Workflow For Real Estate

1. Speed

Knowing your tasks for the day on the workflow can help to speed up your response times. In real estate, quicker responses mean a better chance of lead conversion and therefore, more sales.

2. Client Satisfaction

Timely interaction can help clients to feel valued, so it is important to keep up contact throughout the process, adding key contact times on the workflow can ensure you manage each client effectively.

3. Adherence To Timelines

A real estate process is one that is fluid and can vary in length of time depending on the property, seller and buyer. A workflow can help you to stay on track and monitor key milestones to keep the sale running smoothly.

4. Team Interaction

With teams allocating tasks and communicating through workflows, it ensures seamless and open contact between all team members from agents to marketers to admin staff. This makes processes much more interactive. Furthermore, with simplified access, everyone can access the workflow, wherever they are working from.

5. Space Saving

Operating a cloud-based workflow means you can store all documents within the workflow. This includes correspondence, contracts and images for audit transparency and accountability. However, it also saves physical storage space and can help you strive for a paperless office – A distant dream made more achievable for many realtors!


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