Sample Workflow

Quinton on Mar 20, 2017

“Isn’t it easier to keep our existing process?” “Can I learn this and teach it to my team?” “Is this too complicated for my team to use?”
“Who will support this?”

Working with new software can be a daunting task.
All the different acronyms and technical jargon can make any business owner think twice about trying new software. Today with online Workflow systems like Flowmingo you don’t have to worry about who will maintain or whether your data is secure. All that and more is taken care of in one simple package.

Not sure where to start, here’s a sample of a simple workflow of what a credit check might look like. Rhonda gathers information from a client over the phone. She types the client information into a spreadsheet, prints it off, and adds it to a client’s folder. She passes the folder to Patty in the Credit Department. Patty manually enters the information into a credit check system and pulls the client’s credit history. She makes a decision on whether to approve or deny credit. If credit is approved, she passes the folder to Tamika who calls the client with the good news. Tamika will enter the information into the billing system so payment can be collected. If credit is declined, she passes the client folder to Andrew who delivers the news to the client. He enters the information into a tracking system for future follow-up.

Lots of chairs are swiveling to move the file along! Many data systems take in duplicate data entry. And what happens if someone is out of the office or leaves the company? Where’s the file? Where are we at on the process when the client calls for an update?

The solution is workflow management as a central holding yard for the client folder. Using Flowmingo as a workflow management solution alleviates those time-consuming multiple data entry points. Quickly identify a bottleneck. Provide additional team support to move the files along. Track the flow of orders through the process. Know the pacing of orders and develop solutions to improve efficiency. Flowmingo provides the insight to do more with the resources you have. By looking at Patty’s queue, you can quickly identify that if Tamika assists Patty and Andrew handles all client follow-ups, the overall process time is more efficient.

Not sure where to start don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for help. We’d be more than happy to assist.


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